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New realized initiative of IMAB:

21 Fabruary 2008, 10.00 a.m.
Medical University of Varna - Bulgaria, Rector's Headquarters
Signing the agreement between the Medical University of Varna - Bulgaria, the Danube University of Krems - Austria and the International Medical Association Bulgaria (IMAB)
The R
ector of the Medical University of Varna Professor Dr. Anelia Klissarova,
The Rector of the Danube University of Krems Professor Dr. Heinrich Kern,
The President of IMAB Professor Dr. Krassimir Metodiev ,
The Director of the Medical Departments of Krems University Professor Dr. Dieter Falkenhagen
Goals of the agreement:
- exchange of post-graduate students between the universities of Varna and Krems
- mutual reserach projects
- exchange of working groups on specific topics (seminars, round-tables, workshops)
- exchange of guest-professors and lecturers
- mutual scientific and educational projects to the Council of the European Union
Initiator and coordinator of the agreement:
Professor Dr. Krassimir Metodiev, President of IMAB
Terms of the agreement:
initial 3 years with automatic continuation afterwards, immediate start (from the date of the signatures, 21 February 2008)
Board of Trustees to supervise the agreement:
Prof. Dr. Anelia Klissarova (Rector, Varna ), Prof. Dr. Heinrich Kern (Rector, Krems), Prof. Dr. Krassimir Metodiev (IMAB)
Next-coming activities:
8-11 May 2008 (Meeting of the Board of Trustees in Varna ),
8-10 June 2008 (Meeting of the Board of Trustees in Krems),
September/October 2008 (exchange of the first groups of post-docs and guest-professors in Varna and Krems)