This is a very important address to any organization with similar ideas of IMAB

VIP-guests from abroad (from right to left): - Prof.Dr. Dieter Adam, Rector of LMU, Munchen-Germany
- Prof.Dr. Morris Slapak, President of World Federation of Transplantation, Portsmouth-England
- Prof.Dr. Pierre Younou, Chairman of French Society of Autoimmunity, Brest-France

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Dieter Adam

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Pierre Younou

First steps of the international activities of IMAB: Prof.Dr. Krassimir Metodiev (President of IMAB) as a guest-professor at Tel Aviv University, together with Prof.Dr. Yehuda Schoenfeld (prominent immunologist)

9-th Assembly of IMAB, 1999, Varna, with Prof.Dr. Jorg Vienken (Germany) - one of the best true friends of IMAB with high contribution to the success of IMAB abroad