Contribution to the first "birds" of IMAB

Starting from 1995 IMAB opened a new page of its international activities with the first three specializants sent with full stipends for 1 year post-graduate qualification to Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel. The first "birds", who built the base of the IMAB campus in Rymland-Hadassah, were: M.Sc.Biol. Paula Lazarova (on the photo) in Dept. Experimental Surgery, Dr. Lyubomir Tzvetanov in Dept. Orthopedics and Dr. Detelina Radusheva in Dept. Image Diagnostics. They were very successful with the qualification programme and their presentation in Hadassah was a compliment for IMAB. The continuation of their post-graduate specialization was in Germany, Munich University, 1997-1999 (Paula - Inst. Immunology and Lyubomir - Dept. Orthopedics, Grosshadern University Hospital), and after that for several consequent years, 2001-2005, in Radium University Hospital, Oslo, Norway, where Paula and Lyubomir established excellent working contacts with the groups of the Departments of Pathology and Cellular Therapy, and they were accepted as full members of the teams of both wards. We are very proud with these first "birds" of IMAB and their contribution will be written in the history of IMAB with golden words of gratitude. Without their professional, scientific and research successes in Israel, Germany and Norway, there would be no chance for the next specializants from Bulgaria sent by IMAB to foreign universities for post-graduate programmes. The first steps of the first IMAB pioneers should never be forgotten.